Blog    Golden Rules of Bathroom Renovation

If you look at various bathroom styles available in the market, you would say that when it comes to decorating, everything goes. However, if you observe in in depth, you are going to release that various designs share a common thread.  According to DMV Kitchen and Bath, there are significant international design principles, which you can apply to your bathroom with whichever styles. However, you must observe all the Golden rules of bathroom renovation.

Reconfigure the layout

If you do not have enough room in your bathroom to stand and turn around, your only option is to reconsider the plan. Since your bathroom is small, you need to go for a bathtub, a shower, and particularly the one basin.  Besides, you can consider removing, moving or even replacing some fixtures like light fixtures and cabinets.  For every small bathroom, this is among the Golden rules of bathroom renovation you must stress.  You do not want a messy bathroom just because it is small.

Get timeless fittings

A bathroom with definitive features is not affected by the style trends and time passage.  If you stick to timeless, well-structured bathroom items, you do not have to spend much cash on buying new fixtures every year. You should think about classy fixtures such as standalone or corner bathtubs subway tiles and nickel fixtures as asset pieces or as the backbone of your bathroom. These items look good and besides can retain their allure for years.

Limit your options

Among all the Golden rules of bathroom renovation, you must be very keen when it comes to options. There are so many options in the market today and Cramming different materials into a single small space may backfire. This means instead of having a refined area to enjoy, you may end up having a messy and unreceptive that nobody wishes to use.  To be on a safe side, you should avoid obvious clutter trap, limit the number of materials and finishes you use and scale back on the d├ęcor. To succeed, you need to use the same colors, textures, and finishes that you already used in your home or the bathroom. Besides, instead of taking new directions every time, you should consider repeating design elements through your bathroom.

Invest in storage

Recouping an added storage in the bathroom does not take years since it is something beneficial. Something simple such as a vanity with drawers or even cabinets are likely to free up your bathroom surfaces. In case you do not have enough space to free up in your bathroom, you can consider getting wall units, shelves, carriers, bins, salvers and product organizers.

Splurge a little

The process of planning a renovation project is like an involving in a balancing act particularly when it comes to budgeting.  The secret is making a room in the budget for more significant items. You are going to have a pinch of pennies in some Ares to ensure it happens. Opportunely bathroom being the tiniest room in the house gives you a chance to splurge where it involves most. In case you are not sure where to spend, you should borrow some inspiration from luxury hotel rooms.  You should emphasize on anything use on your skin, for instance, the bath towels must be quality.  For example, you should go for lux towels, which are, a bit costly instead of cheap towels that are likely to wear out faster. Luxury towels last for years. You should also be ready to spend more on lighting. You do not want shadows in your bathroom. Hence, you should go for quality illumination. Proper light fixtures in your bathroom are likely to take your bathroom design to a higher level.


In conclusion, you should never ignore any of the Golden rules of bathroom renovation. These rules ensure you get your dream bathroom. In addition, they guarantee you do not make mistakes.