Blog    Classic Remodeling Ideas for a Timeless and Gorgeous Kitchen

Each day, we see so many trending kitchens designs. However, it is very easy for one to be carried along by the vogue of the trending designs. Nevertheless, it is cool to do that. However, you must ensure that the design has all the definitive features that will enable it to retain its beauty, value, as well as marketability.  If you do not have an idea of doing it, DMV Kitchen and Bath offers Classic remodeling ideas for a timeless and gorgeous kitchen.    

Dominant white Color

If you are yet to discover, white is the most marketable color.  It does not get out of style. You will always find it in the top national kitchen and bath association. Besides, in the history, white color has something to do with, purity, as well as the new beginning. The white color is bright and efficiently reflects light. The light reflection makes the smaller kitchen look large. Another critical aspect about white is that it is neatnik meaning dirty has no place stick.  Therefore, it is super tolerant of both budget and taste.

Hardwood for Flooring

The hardwood flooring is beautiful, besides it cannot break your bank and therefore it is affordable.  Today, home buyers prefer homes with hardwood floor than any other type of floor.  They say that the floor is somehow critical to them.  It has great warmth and personality and, makes the home look cozy and inviting. Besides, the wood floor is open for various floor plans. In addition, it flows gorgeously from the adjacent rooms.   The wood floor is sturdy and does not require refreshing fatedly. In fact, in its lifespan of 100 years; it requires refreshing about ten times only.

Shaker cabinets Style

The shaker cabinets have a simple frame-and-panel design that helps to reduce busyness in the kitchen. Therefore, it makes a soothing and welcoming ground a kitchen with timeless design requires a style that is part of the backdrop. It is should be simple to clean and maintain.  The simple and clean lines create an adequate fit for the functional style, for instance, the combo of customary and contemporary panache. Of all the Classic remodeling ideas for a timeless and gorgeous kitchen, people make a mistake of ignoring this aspect.  They think it is not critical but it is super critical.

Carrera Marble for Countertops

Carrera marbles are one of the most significant Classic remodeling ideas for a timeless and gorgeous kitchen. They have been on the market for more than 100 years.  They have a unique white color that you cannot easily find in other natural stones.  Besides, it is readily available in the market. Besides, it is cheap and affordable than other high-end options.   If you go for Carrera Marble for the countertops, it lasts for years.

Subway Backsplash tiles

Subway tiles have been in the leading lane since the 1900s. They are white in color and rectangular.  The most fantastic backsplash kitchen tiles are the ceramic tiles. They guard’s the walls against moisture. Besides, cleaning them is very easy. They have a long lifespan and have a classy look.  The backsplash is known to give a chance for deep colors.  The subway tiles make a timeless kitchen appear gorgeous and welcoming.


In conclusion, if you want a modern kitchen, you must consider all the Classic remodeling ideas for a timeless and gorgeous kitchen.  These aspects are sturdy just like the critical aspects to reflect in a bathroom remodel. Therefore, you should never ignore any. You do not want a kitchen that will require renovation after two or three years.