Blog    Tips for Timeless Bathroom Design

The smallest room in the house is the one where you spend a lot of time. So bathroom must always be classical However, you do not want to be remodeling your bathroom every year. Luckily, the elegant bathroom styles from the 1930s remain in fashion up to date. So creating a timeless bathroom design today is easy. According to DMV Kitchen and Bath, timeless bathroom design is likely to last for years.  Nonetheless, many people think creating a timeless design is complicated, but it is not true, here are tips for timeless bathroom design.

Neutral Shades over Trendy Hues

Nothing looks unfashionable like the last decade colors. To evade having a bathroom that you will not like after few years, you should opt to stick with neutral hues and classic palettes. These two does not have to be boring. There is a way you can create an elegant look with black and white stone tiles. Besides, you can consider adding a splash of colors with red, white, or even navy nautical theme. Nevertheless, if you are looking forward to a timeless style, you should keep away from the recent hot colors.

Focus on What You Love

Unless you have a plan of selling your house very soon, you are the person who will be using the bathroom for a long time. Therefore, choosing your favorite colors make sense. Preferably, you should go for the ones you have loved for a long time.  If you dreamt of a classical marble bathroom or a roll top bath with legs, you should go for it.  These two styles have not gone out of fashion. Besides, you should also consider unusual color choices if they are the ones you love most. Among all the other Tips for Timeless Bathroom Design, do not ignore getting what you love most.  You would instead go for something you will treasure forever than something trending today, and tomorrow will be gone.

Consider what Audrey Hepburn would want

The typical stars from the golden age have their unique timeless styles. In fact, there were often seen sprawling in elegant marble bathrooms that did not seem to get older. Therefore, the best thing to do is to channel your beloved screen goddess either real or fictional to help you create a bathroom of a star.

Go for White Fittings

The white fittings may not be having the glamour of a trendy hue but have been widely known since the invention of porcelain baths. Besides, there is significant investment regarding time and money. Thus, it is critical to get bathroom fitting that you will love for ten years and more. Besides, it is way much easier and cheap to update the surroundings. That is to change the walls paint, tiles cupboard or even the worktop. Most people go for all the other Tips for Timeless Bathroom Design and ignore this, which is a mistake. Do not go a color that will give you problems after one or two years.

Quality Materials

Low or poor quality materials are likely to fade or chip out faster. Reliable and quality materials when installed well can last for years. For instance, consider the difference between the durability of antique furniture in solid wood with chipboard that will be seen in few years. One of the most significant advantages of a stone bathroom is that they do not need any extra care. Therefore, it ensures that your bathroom is indeed timeless.


In conclusion, having a Timeless Bathroom Design is excellent. However, when creating one, you must consider the Tips for Timeless Bathroom Design. Besides, you must keep all the Golden rules of bathroom renovation. You do not want an offal bathroom that will require renovation after a short time.