The kitchen happens to be the most active room in any modern home. Surprisingly in many homes, it has a poor layout, 19th Century style that directly makes it unappealing and inefficient.

The modern kitchen is the epicenter of any home. Cooking, eating which are traditional roles, take place in the kitchen. With the changing lifestyles planning, homework, family communication, entertainment and socializing can nowadays be found being done here.

Future homeowners; have spent considerable time already planning of their dream kitchen. Due to the fact of being aware of current shortcomings.

DMV Kitchen and Bath states kitchen facelift are the most expensive project. Given the cost outlays, a facelift needs careful planning. A modern kitchen that is aesthetically appealing but fails on functionality and safety is a waste of resources.


The modern average family size is shrinking, while the modern kitchen keeps getting bigger. Enough space that will work for all its users and functionality calls for more room. People feel cramped because the number, the size, of appliances situated in the modern kitchen has tremendously increased.

Gaining this extra space at times is much easier. An entryway or dining area is potential victims.

The space should serve the purpose

Years back, the kitchen was the place for only the woman of the home. In the modern era, you will find a cook and even with several helpers. In this regard, the number of people who will be accommodated in the modern kitchen, their heights, and members of the family has to be considered.

The kitchen facelift that has end users in mind will end up being more functional. By designing the kitchen with the users in mind, you will end up with a much more functional space. Correct heights of the countertop as an instance will make it more comfortable for the people who work there, as well as being aesthetically interesting.

Use of toe-pull bottom drawers and pull-out shelves minimizes discomfort immensely, where the end users are older people.

More than one intended person working in the kitchen calls for enough space to avoid them colliding and hindering activities.


Good affordable modern appliances

It is common knowledge in the remodeling world that kitchen appliances are the workhorses. Family lifestyle and needs will, therefore, dictate the kind of appliances to be found. Top quality kitchen oven will be needful where the family loves to entertain many visitors. Where meals have to be done quickly and at short notice, microwaves will come in handy.

Built-in dishwashers will make clean-up process more tidy and efficient.

In any modern kitchen, you will find these three appliances as they afford the family a significant amount of convenience.

Make the kitchen versatile

Designers have always factored the distance to be shortest between food preparation area, the refrigerator, and the oven. However, nowadays you will find more than one sink area, extra countertops, and drawers.


Storage space

Enough storage space is paramount – not only for looking cluttered and messy but for the full potential of the kitchen to be realized.

Creation of an island or use of carts

The kitchen island is the best solution to many kitchen problems. The island can work as a second work center, giving extra storage and good eating area.

Materials used must be durable

Stone, stainless steel, glass, and tiles have become very popular with many homeowners. It could be attributed to being stylish, the amazing look, and a reflection of people’s desire for good quality and durability.


Good lighting and ventilation

Natural light is always the best option if you can make windows to be larger while not compromising on storage it can be a bonus.

An exhaust fan, or adding a stovetop grill, should be factored when drawing the layout.



It goes without saying that with good planning, your dream kitchen may be within reach. A good modern kitchen that adds to the modern house aesthetics, while increasing comfort and functionality.