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Transforming Your Kitchen3 min read

If you never thought about it, well, you have not seen the best that can become of your kitchen if it was reconfigured by a professional. There are many ways in which your kitchen can be upgraded, into an excellent quarter of your home that adds a cherry of pride to your cooking prowess. DMV Kitchen and Bath has provided the best opportunity for making the most out of your kitchen remodeling, no matter the size.

How can you transform your kitchen? What changes would you consider making, to have a better outcome for the kitchen than you have right now?

Boosting the Kitchen Storage

The storage for pantry and kitchen ware is almost not considered by most people as they make plans for their kitchens. When you plan for your kitchen remodeling, the best idea would be to think about frameless kitchen cabinets, or those with frame faces. Traditional kitchen decor rhymes well with the frame faced cabinets, and today, open faced cabinets rock more. Whichever you taste is, modern or vintage, an extra storage space will do your kitchen a great deal of favor.

Kitchen flooring

A warm appearance will always work best for your kitchen. A great floor finish would be perfect if you spotted some bamboo or hardwood, for the gleam. Although hardwood can turn out to be a little more expensive for you, vinyl floors or ceramic tile floors are just as good in aesthetics. Marble can also give you a bad day with the sticking stains.

If you want a stoned floor, go for it. Stoned floors look elegant, but the problems would be the cold that the stone floors come with, especially in winter seasons.

The Lighting

Kitchen lighting is one of the areas that are targets for kitchen remodeling by most people. The best way to work around lighting is to have general lighting and task lighting. Pendant lighting on walls would make your kitchen a little cozier and some recessed lightings on the ceiling will make things look exotic. When the up lighting makes things look normal for the general lighting required in a home, down lighting will add some elegance that comes off as a perfect finish for task lighting.

Sinks and Faucets

Having sinks and faucets of top quality is a must for your kitchen. There are various shapes, and sizes, and the material they are made of matters too.  The faucets that you consider can either be the pull down, or the pull out models.


Pick Kitchen articles and Designs that Last

Whatever it is that you are bringing in to your kitchen, consider its longevity. Kitchen remodeling should be at the center of epitomizing a kitchen, and part of that is buying quality material that stays long. Pick out wall colors that you know are easy to maintain, and which you will want to see for a very long time.

Think Possibilities

Check out what is possible after you have played out your kitchen remodeling. You might want to add some more twists to the turns you already made, especially through renovation. Find how strategic your common kitchen ware is placed, since you will have to use it regularly. Customize your kitchen as per how you use it. If you cook more than bake, then, make the necessary changes to allow for cooking. If you are more of a baker than a cook, then, consider how well your kitchen will allow you to do that.