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Kitchen Islands: 8 Ideas for your new Kitchen7 min read

Believe it or not…it’s a smart move to install or upgrade a kitchen island in your new kitchen. Indeed, many house-selling experts believe that the kitchens that draw the attention of buyers are the ones that have an “eye-catching” kitchen island. Moreover, other real estate agents and designers say a kitchen island is a must-have element in the kitchen. 

Islands look incredible, save space and provide extra functionality and storage – needless to say, create the overall appeal of a more luxurious kitchen.

Whether you’re planning to sell or not right now, it’s always a good idea to make your property more appealing while boosting its long-term value. Kitchen islands are not generally expensive in comparison to your average home or kitchen renovation projects. It’s generally a safe bet for a high Return on Investment. This is especially true if you consider aesthetic value.

Top 8 Kitchen Island Ideas:

Given below are the top and most trending Kitchen Island ideas for your new kitchen. They would provide a modern and traditional look of the Kitchen.

Modern Farmhouse Island:

•        An old farmhouse and a modern farmhouse have one thing in common, they both look rustic. That is the way your modern Kitchen would also look with a farmhouse island. It would be done in a contemporary way by a professional home remodeling contractor. But still, be rustic and sophisticated. The style of the island is warm and inviting. It would provide plenty of space for guests and has a functional storage capacity for dishes and other cooking utensils. Modern Farmhouse Islands need a broader scope of the area and open Kitchen for appropriate spacing.

Cabinet colors and design:

•            Medallion cabinets are on their way: Cabinets are the main attraction as it must match in a way that suits your kitchen. On the safer side, people always try to select a white-colored cabinet as they look classy and sexy. Yet now white colored cabinets are being swapped out for different colors and even upgraded with frames and intricate details. In which the frames can be colored to give a luxury look. You can take suggestions from DMV Kitchen and Bath as they are licensed kitchen contractors and are known as one of the leading home remodeling companies.

Two-tone Islands:

•             The Kitchen with neutral colors looks great. Colors like grey, white, and black look appealing. If your Kitchen is made up of two-tone cabinets than any ancient color on your island will help it look more spacious. And you know what, it will not even transform the personality of your space. And if there is natural light on your kitchen island, tone your cabinets with darker and vibrant colors.

Round Kitchen Islands:

•           Whenever we plan to remodel a kitchen, the shape which comes in our mind is rectangular or square. Have you ever thought how a round-edge kitchen island would look? Just imagine it. Looks excellent, Huh!! A round kitchen island is unheard of and will draw the eyes of your guests. In a round kitchen, fewer corners will give an informal and flowing look. It turns out to be more space-saving but the downside is that the storage capacity will not be as high as a rectangular or square kitchen.

Quartz is still king:

•             Quartz, granite, marble, or sandstone. They never get old. They are still the tougher ones and are loved by everyone. If you are remodeling your kitchen island, then one would surely suggest you use a quartz counter top. Quartz and granite are very hard, easy to maintain, anti-microbial, and last forever. Nowadays, you can find different colors of natural stone easily. For finding the best quality of Quartz you should take the help of bathroom remodeling contractors such as DMV Kitchen and Bath.

Butcher Block Island:

•            The word “Butcher” can strike many images in your head. But don’t worry it won’t be as dangerous as it sounds. On this type of island, it would provide a separate work-space for cutting vegetables, fruits, and meats while cooking. These islands are trending nowadays because it is cheap, easy to maintain, and gives a warm feeling. They look great when you pair it with kitchen counters made of quartz, marble, or sandstone.

Minimalist Island:

•            With these types of island the Kitchen looks sleek and contemporary. They provide you more storage space and add the additional benefit of a kitchen that is less cluttered. They are paired with neutral tones and simple lines that create a calming atmosphere.

Island with Rolling Cart:

•             If you need a versatile island, then a rolling island is the perfect option for you. If you must entertain more guests, then roll it out and lock it back into place when finished. You can position it anywhere in your kitchen and designate storage space depending on your needs. You can even use it to store some of your utensils or bottles of wine.

Last Few Words:

Now you are familiar with the different type of island ideas for your Kitchen. You can take advantage of these kitchen renovation ideas for your kitchen layout or customize the perfect one for your space. Determine what you need in your kitchen island and then get in touch with DMV Kitchen and Bath as they have a team of licensed kitchen contractors to provide you with any helpful information you may need.