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Elegant 2021 Closet Design Trends3 min read

The closet is an intimate place, and such a personal space deserves all the care and attention to construct. Gone are the days that a closet had to be boring with a bare two-door cabinet. Today, when you seek a closet remodel, you go all out and get that dream closet you have always wanted.

If you are unsure of where to start, here are three excellent closet trend ideas that could guide you to make the closet of your dreams.


Incorporate your closet into the interior décor of your home

Most times, when people are building their homes, the closet always comes as an afterthought. It is always something as simple as; this is where the cabinet will be, and never let us create a wardrobe to amaze. Do not be that person who settles for less!

Incorporating the closet into the interior décor is the first of many closet remodel ideas we will touch on. And it is when you build your wardrobe to become a masterpiece rather than simple storage for your clothes.

Build shelves to display your shoes, racks for hanging your bags, and drawers to arrange your socks, lingerie, jewelry, or sunglasses. It should be a spot that emanates class and order, not an open-air, that you can just throw clothes and accessories anyhow.

The new creation should radiate your delightful personality. Such that if you love books, why not include a bookshelf or even use one of the shelves to place plants. It is different and varied looks spectacular.


Hide the closet in plain sight

This closet remodeling idea can be particularly useful in homes that are limited on space. Hiding the closet in plain sight entails smart design ingenuity that employs sliding doors and retracting drawers.

These sliding doors could be installed in place of a cabinet door that opens outwards. Once open, they reveal the clothes, apparel, and accessories. And once it is locked, you will have no clue the closet exists. For such closet remodel ideas, you must paint the doors matching the walls so that there is that continuity in hue.


Switch one room in your home into a walk-in closet

Yes, you read right, a walk-in closet!

Having a walk-in closet does not necessarily mean that you should have a mansion; even a three-bedroomed home can have the same. And if you reside alone, even a two-bedroomed house can suffice.

What you do is switch up the extra room and reconstruct it into a closet. Install hanging racks, shelves, and drawers to place all your clothes. And do you know what else you can do with this room?

Make it a family walk-in closet.

Designate a section for each family member and organize all their items. With this arrangement, you will even save money by installing the best mirror design that the whole family can use.



As aforementioned, a closet is a special place, so make it that way. The three closets remodel ideas are all achievable and affordable. Most importantly, they are aesthetically appealing.

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