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Critical aspects to reflect in a bathroom remodel

Critical aspects to reflect in a bathroom remodel3 min read

A bathroom renovation can be quite expensive; in fact, it is the second most expensive project after the kitchen renovation. Nevertheless, if you remodel your bathroom well, it can pay back. There are inexpensive updates that you can make during the remodel to give your bathroom a luxurious look. DMV Kitchen and Bath offers some Critical aspects to reflect in a bathroom remodel.

Make a Plan

When it comes to a bathroom, you require functional space. Therefore, you must plan accordingly. Changing or swapping a toilet may sound easy, but there are various things to consider, for instance, you need to consider the sizes, and heights of various fixtures. It is critical to stick to the current footprint in your space already. This will allow you to attach your current plumbing in case your older ones do not need an update.

Trust the Pros

A DIY project may sound good; it saves a lot of money. However, some unique projects should be left to the pros. Sometimes, having a pro to do the projects is cheaper than doing the entire project alone, and you do not have any experience. Therefore, you must put all your trust in pros, do not doubt them. After all, you would not hire a contractor without experience. In fact, believing a pro is one of the Critical aspects to reflect in a bathroom remodel. Moreover, you should never overlook it.

Stick with a Timeless Design

Great designs come out, trends for a while and after sometimes goes. Therefore, it is easy to be caught in the latest model. Nevertheless, for you a return out of your investment, you must stick to a timeless neutral design. Consider the pink sinks from the 50s and the black toilets from the n90s. If you are much attracted to a particular color, you should consider sticking to it.

Get quality Materials

Bathrooms have a lot of work and therefore must be durable. Their surfaces get wet often, and in case you have a tub shower, you are likely to experience a lot of moisture. You may be in love with the hardwood floors, but they are not suitable for the bathroom. The best bathroom choices are faux wood tile. For the materials, you should not go for materials that require much maintenance cost. Going for materials with high maintenance cost may at some point break your bank account. You should try to avoid hard-to-clean grout. Remember this involves money and money is in a vital aspect of planning. Therefore, this is a Critical aspects to reflect in a bathroom remodel that you must stress on. Otherwise, you will end up making a mistake that might cost you much. Another critical thing about the material is to ensure you get materials that you love.

Take Advantage of the Small Space

If your bathroom is small, you should take advantage of the small space. Get some high-end finishes that you are within your budget. For instance, consider installing heated flooring; you will be surprised how well it will reflect your small bathroom. You should sit down and calculate the cost you can afford. Remember a small bathroom is likely to cost lower than a big bathroom.


In conclusion, apart from the Critical aspects to reflect in a bathroom remodel you must also be keen on the tips for timeless bathroom design. Remember you are working on a small bathroom. Besides, do not forget that it is your bathroom; ensure anything the experts will install pleases you. Do not make a mistake of having someone to choose for you.