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10 Best Basement Remodel Ideas5 min read

Are you on the hunt for basement remodel ideas? Bare basement walls, open ceilings, and unfinished floors can seem like daunting spaces for remodeling. But basements don’t have to stay cluttered, dark, and chilly rooms that you’d rather not spend your time in.

Finished basements integrate with the rest of your home to create more living spaces and drastically raise a home’s value. Get your wheels turning with these basement remodel ideas for every aesthetic, budget, and lifestyle.

Creative Basement Ideas

Home Office

Working a forty-hour workweek from your kitchen table gets old fast. When you’ve got work to do, you need a quiet place to get it done. What better place than the basement?

With so many of us still working at home, having a designated workspace is becoming more of a necessity than a luxury. So bring the office to you by turning unused space into a beautiful, functional home office.

Home Gym

Sweat it out in your home gym. A basement gym can be as simple or elaborate as you’re comfortable with. Consider using multiple floor types to divide up workout stations, like wood floors for yoga or rubber mats for weightlifting.

If you’re really looking to bring the gym home, leave a space to build an at-home sauna!

Home Theater

Embrace the darkness in your basement. Since most basements have little to zero natural light, the space is ideal for an at-movie theater. Create the ultimate theater experience with dark-colored walls, leather chairs, movie posters, and recessed fixtures with soft lighting you can dim. Don’t forget the entertainment system. More people are swapping out a large TV for a projector and screen. It’s more cost-effective and resembles a movie theater screen.

Play Room

Cool basement ideas don’t just have to be for the adults. Large open basements are the perfect space to create the ultimate playroom.

There’s no age limit either. Think bright colors and creative spaces to inspire imaginative play for toddlers or a dark cave-like room where your teenagers can play video games in peace. You can take it up a notch with a slide, rock climbing wall, or a quiet reading house. No matter what your kids are into, you can transform your basement into their favorite room in the house.

Basement Bar

Entertain guests with a wet bar. If you enjoy having people over, adding a bar is a great way to upgrade your get-togethers. You can include cabinets with a built-in counter to help keep the space open or opt for a more open layout and make the bar the center of the room with wrap-around counters and cool bar stools.

Score some style points with a fridge, countertop beer tap, and plenty of mixed drinks.


Do you need more guest space? This basement idea may make your guests want to stay for good. A kitchenette (or a fully functional kitchen) and dining area turn a spare basement bedroom into a downstairs suite. Updated appliances, a space for lounging, and a bathroom can turn your basement into a small apartment.

Lounge Area or Living Room

Why have one lounge area when you can have two? A basement living room is great to spend quality family time, watch movies, or unwind away from the hustle and bustle upstairs. A comfortable sofa, cozy blankets, and neutral paint colors will help turn your cold basement into an inviting den-like space.

Extra Bedroom

Do you have a teenager sick of bunking in a room with a younger sibling? Or maybe you have family that likes to come in from out of town? Basement bedrooms have plenty of privacy and can serve as an extra room even if you don’t have anyone staying over.

If you’re looking for fun basement remodel ideas for a teen, be sure to include enough space to hang out, a designated homework area, and plenty of storage to help keep them organized.


We can all use an extra bathroom. If you’re constantly fighting with your family members for a turn in the bathroom, a basement bathroom can be an inexpensive way to restore the peace. You can add features like white tiles to brighten up the space or a floor-to-ceiling glass shower wall to make the room feel bigger.

Wine Cellar

Do you have an impressive wine collection? If you’re a wine connoisseur, show off your best reds and whites with a home wine cellar. Basements are cool, dark, and you can personalize the space with shelves or racks and a proper air and insulation system to keep your bottles at the perfect temperatures.

How Much Does it Cost to Finish Basements?

There’s not a set price when you’re finishing a basement. The final cost will largely depend on how much work you’re having done and how much space you have in your basement. As a general rule of thumb, basement remodels can cost anywhere from $7 and $23 per square foot, with an average of $25 per square foot.

The best thing to do is get a quote for the cost to finish a basement from a reputable contractor in your area.

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