Most kitchen & bath companies in the area are not certified by the State of Maryland, Virginia and Washington DC with a Contractors License. Although, they list themselves as licensed and insured, an occupational license does not allow them to Contract as a Contractor. They can recommend licensed subcontractors for you to work with (making you the contractor), but they cannot act as a General Contractor like Kitchen & Bath on the Isle does.

In fact, many unlicensed contractors generally have handymen or carpenters do electric, plumbing and other similar jobs. You become responsible indefinitely for the unlicensed remodeling work. Before choosing a company for your kitchen and bath remodeling project, consider what you don’t know that can ruin your life and project. What happens if… an uninsured worker gets hurt on your project; faulty wiring from an unlicensed electrician results in a fire in ten years; plumbing backups from carpenters or handymen doing plumbing. If you should sell your home, the responsibility for their work becomes yours.

DC License

DC License

DMV Kitchen & Bath Insurance Certificate

General Liability 1

Maryland, MD License

MD License

Virginia, VA License